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 A bond never to be broken.

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A bond never to be broken. Empty
PostSubject: A bond never to be broken.   A bond never to be broken. EmptyMon Aug 15, 2011 11:06 am

As you all know i am a sick pervert and write ALOT of slash fiction, ill keep it simple, if your not a fan dont read it. I do not shy away from the intimate details, and i have been given the okay from our darling moderator to post this lovely fic for all who are interested.

My fics are my babies, and i am open to any suggestions/comments but please keep it mature, as stated above if you dont like the boy on boy, dont read it.

This fic is currently incomplete but i will start adding the chapters as they are completed.
Very Happy
finally, there are explicit scenes that will be depicted in this particular slash, they will however be written in different colored font, for those who are interested in reading the story, and not the Lemons they will be able to just skip through.

Now that all out of the way, i can give you guys a short summary.

This is a Naruto based fic, all characters are pre meditated by the lovely Masashi Kishimoto, i do not own naruto or any of its rights.

This particular fic focuses on many characters, and their evolving relationships and their time at school, there is both Yaoi and Yuri included in this fic so be prepared !! I love you

OH AND FINALLY!!! our lovely Stacey was co writing this slash fic with me, However she hit writers block, and was unable to continue. BUT i do credit her for the parts she did write [ you will know which parts they are cause she writes better than me] and all the help she has given me so far! also id like to credit Celeste, Mikey and Jade for all the idea's you have all put forward to help me write this fic.

A Bond Never To Be Broken

Sasuke’s POV
You stretched yourself out on the enlarged bed. It was another day you were to face the torment of Naruto Uzamaki. He was hot, like extremely hot... but also an idiot. You were getting into the habit of thinking about the blond dobe every morning. And that annoyed you greatly.
You peeled yourself off the high raised bed and made your way across the large room you had claimed for your own. You opened the heavy oak door and walked down the dark hallway, you were still lost in thought about the blond who had captured your attention, and*BANG* you stubbed your toe.
‘For fucks sake’ you let out, anger clear in your voice.
‘Now, Sasuke-chan that’s no way to greet me, first thing in the morning’
You jumped back, you had no idea that firstly you had walked all the way into the kitchen, secondly you hadn’t noticed Itachi sitting casually on the Kitchen bench, and thirdly you didn’t notice the kitchen bench in the first place, resulting in you stubbing your toe.
You shot Itachi as sarcastic smile before taking your place at the Kitchen table. You were always grumpy in the morning no matter how well you slept, or what perverted thoughts had entered your mind during your sweet slumber.
‘Bad mood sasuke-chan?’ Itachi asked stretching like a cat across the counter.
‘No’ you spat, malice clear in your voice, you couldn’t help being a little angry with the older Uchiha, he was better looking than you, his face more mature his shoulder broader. Itachi was someone Naruto would go after not you.
‘Fine, fine be like that’ the older Uchiha spoke slinking through the kitchen his girl like figure made you shudder. He was a man, despite popular belief.
You bite into the toast Itachi had made for you and ate the meal down quickly, before running up to your room and changing for the day, you waited out the front backpack in hand as Itachi backed out of the garage. You hated that damn car, just another present from your non existent father. Sure it was great for the first two weeks, having the Uchiha manor to yourself, but it had been a year now. A very long lonely year at that.

Naruto’s POV
You swallowed down your juice before running out the door at high speed.
‘Byee Iruka, see you there kakashi’
You ran down your street puffing, sure it would have been easier for you to jump into the family car and allow Kakashi to drive you to school, but you had to meet Kiba he had some great news he was dying to tell you.
You waited at the corner as you had promised in a text and shifted from side to side to keep warm, 9am was not the warmest part of the day.
‘where is he?’ you spoke to yourself. Completely unaware that someone was approaching you.
‘Naruto!’ Kiba yelled straight into your ear. You jumped back.
‘Fucking hell dog breath !what was that for? When i get a hol-‘ you were cut off by the sheer excitement spread across Kiba’s face.
‘Naruto, She said yes’
‘who said yes?’ you asked raising your brow curiously
‘Hinnata!’ Kiba screamed. A broad smile broke across your face.
‘bout time!’ you teased poking your tongue out at the boy, you were happy for him Kiba had finally gotten a girlfriend after all this time, and all this waiting you were glad he had found someone like Hinnata.
You continued your way to school listening to Kiba as he was ranting on about how great the past 24 hours had been because he has a girlfriend, you grinned as the fresh faced puppy spoke about love and romance, you wondered how long you were meant to wait, when would it be your turn to find that special someone to love and hold.
You were sadden by the thought of possibly spending an eternity alone, that was until you saw the one and only Shika, sure he was a ladies man but completely commitment free, Shika had already promised you that if you weren’t married by forty he would take you on. This thought warmed your heart, you could certainly do worse.

Sasuke’s point of view
You climbed out of the shiny car and waved a quick yet subtle bye to itatchi.
You watched as the red car sped down the main street, the Uchiha crest slowly getting smaller and smaller.
You watched as all the other teens gathered at the gate and waited for there friends, you wondered what on earth possessed them to do this, didn’t they know friends only slowed you down and made things complicated, you had learnt this lesson no longer then a year ago.
You walked through the corridor clutching your books tight, before you stopped at your locker, pulling out your diary you read your first subject for the day, it was Science with Kakashi Sensai.
You slinked through the classroom and headed towards the back row. It was your row, no one came and bothered you, and you preferred it that way.
The only other pupils who sat in that row were the nypho’s Gaara and Neji and as long as you kept your eyes on your text book it would be fine, Science did not got hand in hand with a side of Neji Huyga’s cock.
You hated how long these science classes were; you already knew all this bullshit, what was the point in listening to it all over again? Kakashi- Sensei’s voice was so draining first thing in the morning.
You shifted awkwardly someone was near you, your eyes darted to your right side and you were met by the beautiful blue orbs you knew belonged to Naruto.
It would seem that idiot Kiba had thrown Naruto’s pencil case in your direction yet again, those two were so predictable. But its not like you payed any attention to them or anything.
‘hey, sorry did that hit you?’ the bouncing blonde asked
You looked down at him
‘Hn’ you replied before looking upon your text book
You weren’t one for tolerating stupidity no matter how beautiful he may be.

Naruto’s Point of View
With Kiba still gleaming from the news he had told you earlier there was no point trying to communicate to him that class was just about to begin. So you quickly got all the stuff you had for your next class ready, which consequently was not the required text books but just your pencil case and quickly slid away, leaving Kiba standing at the lockers, talking to himself.
Though unlike yourself the dog boy was always on the ball and had realised that you had ditched him so he ran after you calling you vulgar name after name. You ran for your life inside the classroom, dropping your pencil case in the process; Kiba and you were best mates but that didn’t mean you two fought fair, if anything it meant you were rougher.
Although since Kakashi-sensai was already seated at the front of the class all Kiba could think to do to get you back was throw your fallen pencil case at your head but it missed and went straight past you making a thud as it hit something. You turned to go retrieve it, smiling triumphantly that you had dodged his aim when suddenly your smile disappeared from your face as your eyes met those of Sasuke Uchiha. It was impossible to look away from such intense, dark eyes but you didn’t want to seem like a freak so you just smiled and apologized if he had gotten hit.

The Uchiha had an unusually reserved response – he was never one for many words however he had never shied his eyes away like that before. You thought of asking him if he was okay, but the memories of the last time you two had spoken came flooding back so you just turned away acting as if it didn’t bother you that you two were no longer friends. When in fact it depressed you relentlessly that you no longer were close to him, but you said nothing as over a year had passed since your falling out and you didn’t want to bring up old, dead issues.

Sasuke’s Point of view
You watched as the stupid blonde headed back to his seat, pushing the other boy whom you never bothered to learns name.
The clock slowly slowly clicked over to 10.30 am you were slightly pleased as the bell rung and the classroom had cleared out, one by one they disappeared probably to go share snacks with their friends, but you didn’t care, you just stayed in the back row of the classroom and doodled in your journal. There was no point in going out there its not like you liked anyone enough to engage them in conversation.
You sat there drawing love hearts and other awkwardly shaped doodles, you weren’t much of a drawer, but there was something about it that calmed you.
You heard the bell ring again, an indication that break time was over, you sat there in the back row a while longer watching as a few students piled in, you started to gather your things as you heard that all to familiar laugh, you turned and Naruto and the dog boy had sat in the row in front of you. Your heart skipped a little, as you started gathering your possessions at lightning speed.
‘Hey, Naruto, why is that kid still here? On his own?’ you heard the dog boy ask the blond
‘uh i dunno Kiba just drop it’ the blond insisted but had no such luck
‘But seriously what is with that, he just sits there every break ’ Kiba continued against Naruto’s wishes.
‘ hah you would think with all the money he had the loser would buy some friends maybe even a girlfriend ’ the shaggy haired boy continued.
Your blood boiled as soon as you heard this, it wasn’t that you didn’t have any friends its that you didn’t want any! How did that stupid ass not understand that! You lunged at the boy with no thought of any consequences, you punched him dead in the face.
‘what the fuck is your problem’ you spat looking down on the not so innocent puppy.
‘you really wanna do this?’ you asked, you were itching for a fight, and unfortunately the dog boy had crossed your path.
‘stop it!’ Naruto screamed, but it was to late, the dog boy had already picked himself up. Bearing his teeth, he was more then ready to fight now.

Naruto’s point of view
Your head snapped back as you saw the Uchiha dart at your best friend. Before you could move to break the two up the uchiha’s fist had already collided with Kiba’s face. You knew how much of a ruthless fighter Sasuke was and you knew out of Kiba and Sasuke, Sasuke would defiantly win.
‘stop it’ you screamed, but neither boy listened.
You saw the anger rise in both of the boys, you watched intently as Kiba’s hand twitched, you moved forward shielding the Uchiha from the attack, before Kiba could realize you had in fact stepped in his fist landed on your face.
‘ah, fuck’ you hissed, ‘dickhead didn’t you see me?’ you screamed at the puppy who was so stunned he had now withdrawn his fangs without realizing.
‘Naruto! I’m so sorry’ Kiba screamed.
You looked up at the Uchiha who had a surprisingly worried look in his eyes, your own blue orbs darted to the door, Asuma was standing there fury evident in his face.
‘Uchiha, Uzamaki come here now!’ the tanned sensai spoke, anger clear in his voice.
You picked yourself up following the slightly taller boy out of the room, you didn’t dare correct Asuma, you knew very well if you didn’t take the blame for Kiba he would be instantly expelled. Kiba had a way of picking fights with everyone, and although he was an idiot, he was one of the only thing still keeping you at Konoah high.
You were led to the co-ordinators office, both you and Sasuke took a seat out side a large wooden door, and waited for Tsunade to return, you both knew you were in for it now, the old bat may have just been the co ordinator but her punishments were worse then that of the principle’s.
You scuffed your feet across the floor, and attempted to side glance Sasuke, you took in the warped view, not much had changed in the past year, he was still as beautiful as ever.

Sasuke’s point of view
You watched intently as the older women walked past you and motioned for both you and Naruto to enter her office. You watched as the blond gently placed himself on one of the chairs in front of Lady Tsunade’s desk. You placed yourself down on the seat next to Naruto and awaited your punishment.
‘Now you two, what the hell was that’ The older women spoke, breaking the intense silence, you shrugged your shoulders and looked up at the superior shinobi.
‘Naruto?’ Tsunade prompted the blond to tell his side.
You were in for it you were pretty sure Naruto was going to flip the situation on you. But to your surprise the blond didn’t. He didn’t say a word, he just sat there in silence eyes fixated on Lady Tsuande.
‘well if neither of you can explain to me what happened, you can write me and essay today after school, outlining all school guidelines and explaining why violence is not tolerated in Konoha High.
‘ill be calling Itachi, and Naruto ill be letting Kakashi know aswell’
You nodded your head politely as did Naruto, you weren’t sure why he didn’t tell Tsunade that your the one who threw the first punch, and ultimately started this whole thing. Maybe things weren’t totally lost between the two of you. Maybe there was room for hope.
You offered the Blond a short lived smile as you both exited the room, you could swear a tinge of rose pink had spread itself through Naruto’s face, either that or your eyes were playing tricks on you again.
You sighed deeply as you watched the blonde walk down the darkened hallway, you would give anything to be a factor in Naruto’s life again, But you didn’t dare show it. After all you were an Uchiha, Uchiha’s never needed friends.

Naruto’s Point of View
You were sure to keep your mouth shut while sitting in the old bats office, you didn’t want to get Sasuke in anymore trouble, its true he threw the first punch, but Kiba provoked him, you would of done the same. Plus Sasuke never bailed on you when you got in trouble it’s about time you returned the favour even f the favour was about a year to late.
You peeled yourself of the hard wooden chair after Granny Tsuande had finished her rant, you were thankful you had only been given a detention anything more and Iruka and Kakashi would have your ass on a dinner plate.

You exited the room Sasuke close by you, you side glanced the Uchiha and for a brief moment you swear those cold features broke as he offered you a short lived smile of appreciation; before you could control yourself you blushed. It would seem that things like this never change the Uchiha still knew how to make you seem so vulnerable.
You walked back to class passing Kakashi in the hall.
‘Naruto, are you in trouble again?’ Kakashi asked breaking his usual cool attitude, Kakashi was more then just your teacher he was more like a second dad.
‘uh, well, yeah. I’ve got detention after school, could you uh tell Iruka ill be late?’ you said sheepishly
‘Hn, ill make you a deal Naruto, ill tell Iruka your helping me after school I’ll wait around and drive you home’
‘ohh thankyou Kakashi-sensai’ you almost screamed, Iruka turned into the devil when he knew you were in trouble Kakashi had seriously saved you another long boring lecture.
‘wait, wait, i haven’t told you my end of the deal’ Kakashi continued the outline of a smirk clear under his mask.
You glanced up, you had a bad bad feeling about this
‘I need your help to find Iruka a ring’ Kakashi spoke softly
‘what? A ring? What for- and that’s when it hit Kakashi Sensai was going to as Iruka to marry him.

Sasuke’s point of view

You scuffed your shoes across the floor, the remainder of the day flew by and you found yourself walking to the detention room. You pushed the door open to see Lady Tsuande sitting there with a book in hand.
‘Good evening Sasuke, you can take a seat next to Naruto quietly please’
You nodded politely and took your seat next to the now bruised blond, you felt terrible that you had caused a fight and it now had ended in Naruto being hurt. You smiled a small sympathy smile as you took your seat.
‘ Now can i trust you two to remain here for the next hour and be quiet ?’
Both you and Naruto nodded as your eyes followed and Lady Tsuande exited the room. You weren’t sure why you did it but the words fell out of your mouth before you could think.
‘Im sorry you got hurt Naruto’ your words were soft and sincere, something the blonde hadn’t heard you say in all to long.
‘w-w-what for?’ the blonde whispered eyes still glued to the page beneath him.
‘For hurting you’ you whispered back, you so desperately wished Naruto would look at you but he didn’t he kept his eyes firmly on the page bellow.
‘You didn’t hit me tho, Kiba did you have nothing to be sorry about’ the blonde replied
‘ I’m not talking about today Naruto, I’m talking about then’ you watched as the blonde’s gaze met your own.
‘o-oohh’ the blonde said looking at you the room was silent
‘w-w-why now?’ the blonde contiued
You shrugged, you didn’t know why it was so easy to apologise now then it had been for the past year, but for some reason sitting here in detention just felt like the right time to tell Naruto the words he had been waiting to hear for a very long lonely year.

Naruto’s Point of View
You froze as the words escaped the Uchiha’s mouth, never had you heard the Uchiha say something with such sincerity, even more surprising he apologised, you were honestly shocked.
But somehow the Uchiha’s apology made everything better, the past that was once shared full of pain was now erased. You smiled at Sasuke a proper smile a smile that no one had seen in a very long time.
This moment was short lived as your tummy began to rumble, it was 3.30 and you were usually snacking on ramen at this point, you blushed, and the Uchiha giggled under his breath another thing no one had seen in awhile.
‘here’ Sasuke said softly handing you a container that had your favourite ramen in it.
‘Miso’ screamed, ‘how-you- but? You don’t even like Miso?’ you queried
Sasuke shrugged ‘it always reminded me of you dobe’
You blushed was this really happening ? after a year of living separate lives after the last blow out you and Sasuke had, were you both really having a conversation about ramen, and did he really just call you dobe?
The thoughts of last time you were this vulnerable in front of the Uchiha came flooding back and your chest began to feel heavy, and suddenly you were reminded why you didn’t talk to him anymore as the smile was wiped clear of your face, your hands began to clench as your sadness turned into pent up anger, and without thinking you hit him, your tanned hand collided with the pale cheek that belonged to Sasuke.
You were in for it now you thought as your stood there dumb founded by your own reckless actions, you had seen how fired up Sasuke had gotten before and you were certain that this time it was going to be much worse, but to your suprise you were wrong, it would have been like Sasuke was never hit, he sat there more lifeless then usual before turning to you his black obsidian eyes piercing through your clear blue one’s, you waited for him to move but he didn’t instead he spoke.
‘ i deserve that’
You froze, the Uchiha heir was looking right at you, something that you knew was hard for him to do, you closed your eyes and smiled a small smile.
‘I’m sorry I hit you Sasuke, i-i-i just I was just still hurting, its going to take time’ you said softly shuffling your feet.

Sasuke’s point of view
You smiled back at the blonde who was now starring at the floor.
‘ I know Naruto, I’m going to do whatever i can to be able to call you my best friend again’ the blond starred at you, this un nerved you quite a bit, Naruto’s eyes now glistened with held back tears.
‘Sasuke, you never lost me, I’ve always been here’ Naruto’s words were soft and calming you felt warmth on the chair beside you and you turned your head so your eyes were met with the large blue orbs that belonged to Naruto, you smiled now you were the one that was fighting back tears.
Tsunade walked through the door interrupting the small moment that you and Naruto had shared, she raised her eyebrow in a questioning manner as you stared back at her.
‘okay you brats, its time for you to leave, i need to get back to uhm game’ she trailed off as now Naruto was the one raising a questioning brow.
You packed your books and waited for Naruto to collect his own items, you both walked silently down the corridors and towards the front gates of Konoha high, you waved as Naruto climbed into the sleak silver car that you knew belonged to Kakashi sensai, you pulled out the navy ipod from your pocket and for the first time in a very long time you played that song that first sparked yours and Naruto’s friendship it was wind by Akeboshi.

Naruto’s Point of view
The next few days flew by, you continued to share smiles with Sasuke when passing him in the hall as well as giving Kiba absolute hell for having to spend detention with Tsunade.
‘It was Thursday and you were thankful the weekend was fast approaching, you gathered your lunch and walked swiftly to the bench which you, and your gang occupied it was well hidden at the back of the school. You sat down and drifted into your own mind, you saw Sasuke walk past and slip you a small smile before taking a seat in the Zen garden located directly in front of your bench, you watched him as he removed a large book from his bag and began to read it, you weren’t sure why but you were completely captivated by the Uchiha.
‘Hey dickhead’ It was Tenten you looked up a her hoping she hadn’t caught you staring at Sasuke
‘uh yeah ?’ you spoke your voice slightly shakey as at this point the entire table was looking at you with puzzled looks upon their faces.
‘were you seriously eye banging that guy Naruto? We all know your gay but if your going to go after someone that feminie your better of tag teaming Hinata with Kiba’ teased Shikamaru
‘what the fuck man?’ kiba boomed and chased Shikamaru around the table, unfortunately for Kiba Shikamaru was an excellent runner and out run the dog boy in no time.
You sighed deeply
‘his not a loser Shikamaru, you don’t even know him’ your words came out a lot more defensive then you intended them to
‘he picked a fight with Kiba, and don’t get me wrong i don’t like his stinky breath more then any of you do, but fuck the guy’s a lunatic’ Shikamaru spoke a little more softer this time taking the seat next to you.
‘i dunno, his okay, we used to be friends, his had a messed up past y’know its not entirely his fault. Plus you know how Kiba gets he baited Sasuke plain and simple’ you explained to the tanned boy who now had his head resting in the palms of his hand.
The bell range before Shikamaru and yourself had time to finish the conversation, it was your last period for the day and one of your most hated subjects math.

Sasuke’s point of view
You watched as Naruto’s group sat and ate their lunch, You now knew all of the name’s of Naruto’s friends there was Shikamaru the lazy genius you had literature with him as well as Hinata which was Kiba’s girlfriend, there of course was Kiba the bastard who attempted to punch you in the face but failed epically as well as Tenten, you didn’t know much about her she was new to Konoha but you had the feeling she wasn’t the sort of chick that backed down from an argument.
You glanced up and looked in Naruto’s direction you smiled softly as it appeared he was watching you as well as another boy who’s name you knew was Shikamaru. You wondered what they were saying as the expressions on Naruto’s face were changing rapidly.
But before you could over analyse these events the bell rang, you sat in the Zen garden a while longer and watched as Naruto’s group dispersed, and Naruto shot you a small glance and a subtle smile while walking past you.
You were glad the day was nearly at an end, you had your favourite class now which was literature you scooted yourself off the bench before proceeding to your next class.
You were always late on an account that you always had to finish the page you were reading during lunch time even if the bell had rung 5 words into the page, you had to finish it otherwise it annoyed to immensely you pushed open the door and apologised to Kurenal who had all but an impressed look on her elegant features, you looked around for a seat, there was only one left next to Hinata and Shikamaru you sighed heavily, this was going to make for an interesting class.
You sat down at the table and stared straight ahead, you had no interest in talking to either of them that was until Shikamaru shoved your shoulder.
‘nice going with Kiba, man id like to punch him in the face one of these days, here’s hoping you hit him hard enough for the two of us’ you fought back the smirk that crept to your face as another voice spoke a lot more quietly
‘Shikamaru that’s not nice!’ it was Hinata, oh fuck you thought you were in for it now, you braced yourself ready just in case they were to jump you. The small voice spoke again.
‘but seriously Sasuke don’t ever tell Kiba this but nice going’ the Huyga spoke giving you a slight wink before returning to her books.
The remainder of the class sped through, it was nice to have someone to talk to you weren’t sure why they were talking to you, you were under the impression that most if not all people in your year level hated you, but for the first time in your life you thought that perhaps you may be wrong, that having friends wasn’t such a bad thing.

Naruto’s point of view
You ran out of math class as soon as the bell rang and walked to your locker to your surprise Shikamaru was already standing there looking bored as ever, you shot him a questioning look before shoving him out of the way and stuffing your books into the overly crammed space..
‘what’s up Shikamaru’ you spoke zipping up your bag
‘that Uchiha kid, he isn’t half bad’
You froze did Shikamaru say what you thought he did
‘uh yeah his okay i guess’ you said trailing off
‘ Naruto, i see the way you stare at him, now im not one to pry but whatever happened between the both of you, obviously isn’t gone, why don’t you invite the kid to hang with us sometime, a friend of yours is a friend of ours’
You smirked, you wanted to hug Shikamaru but you didn’t dare, that really wasn’t his sort of thing, you loved how Shikamaru could instantly read you.
‘b-but what about Kiba?’ you spoke cautiously
‘uh don’t worry Naruto leave that idiot to me, he owes you one anyway from saving his ass from being suspended’
You laughed as you walked along the hall with Shikamaru, at the main gates you parted ways as the member of the Nara clan hoped on the bus, and you yourself into Kakashi’s car.
You didn’t speak much at dinner, you were way to excited about asking Sasuke to hang out with you tomorrow, you weren’t sure how but things seem to feel normal between you and Sasuke, and you knew things were only going to get better especially with the support of Shikamaru by your side.
You hoped into bed and briefly rehearsed what it was you were going to say to Sasuke, once it was all set in your mind you grabbed your phone and entered the only mobile number you ever bothered to learn.

Sasuke’s Point of view
Pulling on navy sweats you stared at your reflection in the mirror opposite of your bed and traced your finger nails down your pale stomach, you had such a feminine body, something you took great pride in, you had a life of constantly being compared to your brother and being put down by your father. This ensured that you took every precautionary measure to ensure that your appearance was as perfect as it possibly could be. You settled into your room and pulled out the large book that had been captivating you for the past week , it was a love novel, yes Sasuke Uchiha was quite partial to the idea of a love story here and there, granted it was written well that is.
You settled into the comfort of your spacious bed but before you could start on your new chapter your phone began to buzz picking it up you stared puzzled at the familiar number that was flashing up on your screen, it took a few moments before you realized why that number was so familiar to you, it was Naruto’s you answered the phone cautiously
‘HEY SASUKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING ’ Naruto yelled into the phone
‘uh nothing, well um I’m reading, why?’ you spoke cautiously
‘heh something’s never change’ Naruto said while chuckling, you scrunched your nose up at Naruto’s assumption little did the idiot know that over the past year you had made a mountain of self improvement sure the aesthetics of being and Uchiha were heavily groomed into you, and you weren’t going to change that any time soon, if ever. But one thing that had changed was that you were no longer afraid to show love, and for that matter you weren’t afraid to allow yourself to be loved.
‘What do you want Naruto?’ you spoke boredom clear in your voice.
‘want to hang out with us tomorrow ?’
You froze what were you met to say ?
‘sure’ you replied cooly careful to control the amount of excitement that was bubbling up inside of you.
‘sweet !’ Naruto screamed into the phone ‘I’ll see you tomorrow Sasuke’
You laughed at how loud Naruto was and how keen he was that you accepted his offer
‘Goodnight Naruto’
You went to sleep that night with a small smile upon your usually harden features, and it was all because of him.

Naruto’s Point of view
You bounced on your bed a true smile spread upon your face, you side glanced the mirror beside your bed you caught your own eye as your smile widened you were truly happy, and it had been so very long since you had felt this way.
You quickly messaged Shika to let him know the plan was now set in motion. Now there was only one other problem, Kiba. You hummed it over in your head before you figured out a sure way for Kiba to forgive you, you rushed out into the Kitchen Iruka was standing in front of the sink with Kakashi hugging him from behind, you smiled at the image you knew it was only a matter of time before it would be official but only you and Kakashi knew that.
‘uh Iruka?’ you questioned, you hate yourself for breaking up the lovers but this was important this would determine whether or not you came home with a broken face tomorrow afternoon.
‘yes Naruto’ Iruka spoke softly accompanied with a truly genuine smile
‘i-i-i i have a class party tomorrow i need some of your famous pineapple cookies, ill need about twenty’ you spoke scratching the back of your head, a trait you had picked up over the years whenever you had become overly nervous.
‘Naruto, its 10 o clock’ Iruka spoke slightly sterner this time but you didn’t let this bother you, there was only one thing you could do. The look, just one look and Iruka would do whatever it was that you asked of him, you looked up at the tanned older male and spoke softly.
‘okay, I’m sorry Iruka, I just wanted to share your cooking with the class, I thought it would make people like me more or something’ you looked up at Iruka his slightly hardened features softened as he pulled you in for a loving embrace you smiled against Iruka’s chest and looked over at Kakashi who was trying to hide his laughter.
‘Kakashi, get me a large mixing bowl and the flour’ Iruka spoke breaking the embrace you saw the look that Kakashi had shot at you, Kakashi hated cooking, you smirked as you thanked Iruka and ran up the stairs safely hidden from Kakashi’s glares.
You quickly got changed and jumped into the comfort of your bed, you swished yourself around within the covers before falling asleep dreaming of the pleasantries that tomorrow was going to bring to you.


Sasuke’s point of view
You sat intently in literature once again between Hinata and Shikamaru, they must know about Naruto’s call last night because the two of them were being overly nice and it concerned you, but you were a highly paranoid individual, so it could all very well be in your head.
The bell rang and your heart sank and you began to shake, you dropped your books in front of you, but as you reached down to get them a tanned hand joined your own, it belonged to Shikamaru
‘relax man, ill walk with you’ you shot the tanned boy a small smile. And for some reason his reassurance made you feel better.
You walked out of the classroom following Shikamaru and Hinata both of them were talking about the essay Kurenai had just assigned you, you gazed out of the window your stomach was doing flips, you were so distracted you didn’t even notice you were about 3 meters away from Naruto’s table.
‘Hey Fuck face i made these for you so be nice!’ you noticed Naruto screaming and pointing at Kiba, you watched as the dog boy chased Naruto around the table before becoming puffed out and bracing himself against the table.
You waited a moment for Naruto to notice you were standing there, and when he did the biggest smile broke out across his face.
‘Sasuke, you came! yay’ you nodded politely before taking a seat wedged between Naruto and Shikamaru, there was another vacancy next to Kiba but you weren’t game enough to take that position, considering he was still sporting the black eye you had given him no longer than a week ago.
‘Why is he here’ Kiba growled, you shot him a deathly look
‘Because i invited him’ you half expected those words to fall out of Naruto’s mouth but they didn’t instead they came quietly but surely out of Hinata’s.
You watched as the remainder of the group smiled smugly, apparently Kiba never challenged Hinata on anything, and instead you watched the puppy reserve himself in his owner’s lap.

Naruto’s Point of View
You watched intently as Kiba withdrew his fangs, you gave him a smile of great sincerity, Kiba was many things but he wasn’t stupid, he knew why Sasuke was here and who invited him, he just happened to care about your feelings more than his own. This was important to you and Kiba knew that, however this did not mean he had forgiven you for tricking him.
You turned to speak to Sasuke but before a word could escape your mouth you were pelted in the head with one of Iruka’s special pineapple cookies.
‘why you little!’ you screamed as out got off the bench and tackled Kiba to the ground, you noticed Sasuke’s surprised look as you and Kiba fought for dominance, but there wasn’t anything you could do at the moment.
You struggled against Kiba’s strength but it was failing fast, he had some anger in him and you guessed it was going to come out now, better sparing then at some random who could really hurt him you thought.
You flipped Kiba onto his back before jumping on top of him straddling his waist
‘well isn’t this gay, i guess i couldn’t of expected much more from you tho Naruto’ Kiba spoke raising his eyebrows at the blonde
You tightened your grip on Kiba’s wrists, as you lent in
‘No, Kiba this is gay’ your nose was now inches away from his, but before you could plot your next move Kiba reached up and licked your face, you froze before letting one on Kiba’s wrists free, this resulted in Kiba gaining the upper hand and now you were the one that was pinned down.

Sasuke’s Point Of View
You watched the two boys scuffle on the patch of grass in front of the table, there was something that made you feel very un comfortable seeing another person on top of Naruto, you shifted awkwardly in your seat.
‘Don’t worry, they do this constantly, you will get used to it’ your head snapped back as you attempted to trace the voice that had just spoken to you.
‘I’m Tenten by the way’ the girl looked up from her phone briefly, you nodded politely before your gaze returned to Naruto, who would appear to be losing against Kiba.
You smiled as Naruto pinned Kiba to the ground and got up and ran towards you, you shifted closer to Shikamaru who had now fallen asleep at the table.
‘Have fun?’ you questioned Naruto raising your eyebrows
‘Yeah! I reckon I could take you on now, I’m a lot stronger then before’ Naruto said this staring directly into your eyes, your heart skipped as you stared right back, fighting the temptation to remind Naruto just who he was challenging.
‘I’m sure you are dobe’ you said this placing your hand upon Naruto’s knee, but to your surprise he quickly stood up and ran back over to Kiba.
You sighed deeply, apparently it was going to be harder to return to how things were then you thought, you focused so hard on this thought you didn’t realize the warning bell to indicate recess was over had rang and instead you were snapped out of your thoughts by a gentle had that nudged you softly, you span around quickly to find Hinanta standing behind you
‘ don’t worry Sasuke, he will come around soon he just needs time’ before you could respond Hinata continued
‘you have Vis Com now right?’ you nodded, how did she know what your next class was, that’s a little freaky, you thought to yourself.

Naruto’s point of View
You felt bad for dismissing Sasuke like that, but it had only been one day, your main focus at this point was getting the friendship back on track anything else that followed would be a bonus. You were just happy that Sasuke was in your life again, you had another chance to make things right.
The bell rang and you watched as Hinanta and Sasuke walk towards the Vis Com building, you wondered if Sasuke realized just how many of his classes he shared with Hinata, you smiled softly to yourself, Hinata was going to be a good influence on Sasuke even if he didn’t know it yet.
You pushed Kiba playfully before you both headed over to the food tech building, you hoped that old granny Tsunade was in a good mood and taken your suggestion of making honey ramen this week.
‘Naruto, you really like that kid don’t you?’ you were snapped out of your thoughts about ramen as Kiba spoke to you, you blushed deeply
‘Yeah, well sort of, we used to be mates I’ve got a lot of good memories attached to him y’know?’ you spoke cautiously careful not to upset the brown haired boy.
‘fair enough, he won’t take my place tho right?’ Kiba spoke staring intently at the ground and you smiled a warm smile at Kiba’s question
‘Of course not! Sasuke is fun but no one is as fun as you, Kiba your my best friend’ the brown haired boy looked up at you and smiled.
‘Do i have to be nice to him?’ he questioned
You laughed, Kiba was willing to set things aside and accept that he would have to spend time with Sasuke but you couldn’t ask him to change completely so instead on insisting he be as nice to Sasuke as you, you simple replied.
‘I’m going to leave that one in your hands, buddy’

Sasuke’s Point of view
You took the seat next to Hinata at the large table and waited silently for Jiriya to come in and explain the assignment for the lesson, you took down notes as Jiriya went through perspective drawing and the importance of measurements. You rested your head in your hands.
at this point you could think of nothing more than Naruto and how he had rejected your gesture, Maybe Hinata was right maybe it was just to soon, or maybe Naruto really only wanted a friendship from you and nothing more. Your body tensed up at this thought, and your heart began to hurt, you couldn’t go through this again you thought to yourself.
You looked over at Hinata she seemed to be restless; Jiriya soon finished explaining the weeks assignment, but before you could start Hinata started rambling at break neck speed.
‘So Sasuke, what are we going to do about Naruto’ you looked at the beaming Huyga in confusion
‘pardon?’ you spoke cautiously, what did she know about you and Naruto
The usually shy Huyga smiled gently before speaking again
‘My bakuguan can see everything, not just things of a physical realm but an emotional one too’
You froze, was she telling the truth, could she really see people’s emotions as well, this thought un nerved you greatly, you had a hard enough time expressing your emotions to people you had known for years let alone some random girl who seemed to pop up in all your classes.
‘oh, um, i dunno i don’t even think he see’s me the way i see him, not anymore i blew that chance awhile back’ it was unlike you to speak about something so personal with a new friend, but what harm could it do Hinata could see it whether you told her or not.
‘Sasuke, he does very much so, he is just scared, he needs to know you won bolt again’ your heart fluttered at this new information, you blushed slightly and smiled one of those rare genuine Uchiha smiles.

Chapter 3

Naruto’s Point Of View
You watched the clock tick over until it was lunch time, much to your dismay granny Tsunade had made this class a non practical one, and all you did was revise over how to make sushi rolls again.
Finally the bell rang and both you and Kiba headed over to your bench, it wasn’t long before you were joined by Tenten and Shikamaru.
‘God, drama is a drag i don’t even know why i signed up for that bullshit.’ Shikamaru explained
‘ah Shika it can’t be that bad’ you spoke while piling the left over’s of Iruka’s special pineapple cookies into your mouth.
‘Ah but it is Naruto, we’re doing some freaky play from some old dead English pervert, i think his name is Shakespeare or some shit, But that’s not even the worst part y’know that Gaara kid and his boyfriend ? Hinata’s cousin?’
Kiba growled at the mention of Hinata’s cousin, Kiba never liked the jealous Huyga and often tried to keep him away from Hinata at all costs.
‘Yeah’ you spoke cautiously, careful not to provoke any hostility from Kiba
‘well, we had a sub today something about Anko being unwell, anyway so the two of them decided to give the rest of the class a sex ed class instead, they started feeling each other up there and then, fucking perverts’
You screwed your face up at this thought and instantly felt sorry for Shikamaru who had to witness this
‘There is something wrong with those two’ you spoke passing a cookie over to Shikamaru who now had his head resting in your lap.
The conversation didn’t continue much after that; you didn’t think Shikamaru needed to re live any of that perverted nonsense again anytime soon.
Soon enough Sasuke and Hinata had joined the table and to your surprise Kiba was the first to great them
‘Hey baby’ Kiba spoke approaching Hinata and wrapping his arms around her
‘Hi Sasgay’ Kiba spoke a slightly harder tone present in his voice, putting a mass amount of emphasis on the new addition to Sasuke’s name that he had made.
‘Sasgay?’ Sasuke questioned raising his eyebrows
‘Yeah, that’s what i said, your gay and your name is Sasuke, lets call it a pet name’ Kiba teased the Uchiha.

Sasuke’s Point of View

Your entire body tensed up at the new nickname that dog breath had given to you, you fought every temptation you had to smack him in the face again, that was until you looked over to Naruto, he had a worried look upon his face, and you didn’t want to cause him any further pain, you had done enough of that. Instead of retaliating you simply smirked at the brown haired boy and took you infamous place next to Naruto.
‘How was class?’ you questioned the blonde who still had a dumb founded look upon his perfect features.
‘uh yeah a bust, how was- what did you have ?’ the blonde questioned
‘Visual communication, it was okay, got to speak to that Hinata chick a little more, she is pretty cool, how did she end up with Kiba?’ you spoke while unwrapping the noodles that Itachi had made for you earlier this morning, it was some weird combination of egg and bacon, it was his new thing he called it brootals or something like that.
‘ They have been dancing around each other for years now, i think they complement each other well, i want something like that one day’ the blonde spoke, his eyes staying perfectly fixated on the pup and his Huyga owner.
You nodded, and you agreed with Naruto a love like that was rare to find, you just hoped with all that you had that you hadn’t yet lost the chance of having a love like that.
The rest of lunch time flew by and with that so did the remainder of the day, and before you knew it you were sitting in Homeroom next to Naruto, waiting to be dismissed by Kakashi Sensai.
Just as you were about to ask Naruto what he was doing after school you were interrupted by Kakashi Sensei’s voice.
‘alright listen up, it that time of year where we take the lot of you out to the middle of nowhere and teach you all some ‘friendship’ skills, the amount of violence this year level had rendered on its own this year it ridiculous, this camp is mandatory, so i look forward to seeing you all there, Kiba would you please hand one of these out to everyone’

Naruto’s Point Of View
You listened at the information that was being given to you, a year level camp it didn’t sound to bad beats doing school work and getting in trouble with granny Tsunade.
You smiled as you took the note off Kiba who was handing them around the large classroom, you began to read all the information provided but that want was short live as you saw Kiba teasing Sasuke with the note.
‘you want it SASGAY’ Kiba teased dangling the note in front of the motionless Uchiha, you tried hard to suppress your laughter as you already knew Sasuke would get the piece of lifeless paper from Kiba, he was just working out the best way to do so.
All of a sudden Sasuke kicked out his right leg from under the table which tripped the poor puppy, who fell straight on his ass, leaving the note to slowly drift down directly in front of the Uchiha who was now sitting there silently reading through the newsletter.
You couldn’t hold it in any longer and instead let out a laugh as you attempted to pick Kiba off the floor, Sasuke always did have a way of being ultra smooth, you didn’t expect any less from him, but at least this time he didn’t result to punching Kiba.
The bell rang and you watched all your class mates disperse, you were catching a ride home with Kakashi tonight so you decided to stay back with him as you waved goodbye to Sasuke and Kiba who instantly went in different directions once exiting the classroom.
‘ Hey Kakashi, when are we going to buy Iruka’s ring’ you smiled at the older man, you wanted nothing more than to have a stable home, you wanted Kakashi to become your official guardian just like Iruka did all those years ago.
The older man smiled back at you ‘Glad you asked Naruto,, cause i was thinking we could go now, if you’re up to it?’
Your ears pricked up at this question was Kakashi serious? Of course you were ready.
‘of course i am!’ You practically screamed, ‘
let’s go make you my dad!’ you said smiling widely at your to be guardian.

Sasuke’s Point of view

You walked home that afternoon with nothing but smiles to show for your day, you took pleasure in knowing that you made Naruto laugh, even if it was by putting Kiba on his ass.
You pushed open the great oak door, to the empty manor you called a home.
‘oh, Sasuke are you home’ you heard Itachi call out from the kitchen you followed the voice, and found your brother sitting on the Kitchen counter with his legs crossed, next too him was an unfamiliar face.
‘This is Deidara, i met him today at the supermarket, i dropped the shopping and he helped me isn’t he handsome?’ Itachi said this while giving you a sly but sure wink, you rolled your eyes and saluted the two idiots and handed Itachi the note for camp before climbing up the stairs and heading towards your bedroom.
You wondered what it is your father would do if he knew that his two son’s and Heirs to the Uchiha clan were both gay. This thought amused you greatly, part of your was dreading the day that Itachi and yourself told your father, but another part of you couldn’t wait to see that smug bastard fall.
You flopped yourself down on your large bed, today had been a better day then you had anticipated, you had actually made Naruto laugh, just like old times.
It wasn’t long before you peeled yourself off of the comfort of your bed and proceeded through to your bathroom for a shower, you stripped off and absorbed the heat of the running water, and you watched the water as it splashed against your pale skin.
You smiled as the heat of the running water brought memories flooding back to you memories of Naruto, the happiest memories you had to date, you remember ed the first time you kissed Naruto, it was one of those truly perfect moments, when your heart and soul were perfectly aligned with those of Naruto’s, you would give anything to have that back, you just had to prove to Naruto that it was different this time, that you had changed and that you were no longer fearful of love.


Naruto’s Point of view
You climbed out of Kakashi’s car and ran over to the door way of the shopping centre; nothing could stunt your excitement at this point, Kakashi followed you into the crowded shopping centre.
‘Hey, Kakashi what store are you buying Iruka’s ring at? You screamed and watched the grey haired man smile under his mask
‘uh, i dunno that one’ Kakashi said pointing over to the one labelled Prouds, you rushed over to the shop pulling a piece of paper out from your pocket, it was all the official idea’s and designs that you had collected for Iruka’s perfect ring.
You waited at the counter with Kakashi to be served and when the pretty cashier came over you handed her the piece of paper.
‘My dads are getting married, and we are looking for the perfect ring, here are some designs i had in mind, this one has a gun attacked to keep Iruka safe, and this one has a laser beam, for the same reason and-‘ you were cut off by Kakashi who was now laughing that smooth laugh of his
‘Hey, what are you laughing at! This is important you know’ You yelled pushing our point across to the man who was now staring directly at you.
‘I know Naruto, i know you want to protect Iruka, but why does Iruka need a ring with a gun or laser beam when he is always with the number one ninja ?
‘ah, Kakashi your so full of yourself! Your not the number one ninja!’ you screamed at your to be guardian
‘oh, Naruto i know i’m not, but you are, no one would protect Iruka better than you’ you blushed Kakashi always had a way of making you smile.
‘Now, lets see what this pretty lady has to offer us first, okay?’ you smiled up at the grey haired man who now had his hand on your shoulder.
You looked through all the rings that the cashier had shown both you and Kakashi, there were two that you thought were perfect!
‘this one’ you pointed to the ring that was on the left, it was shiny and had four diamonds pressed into the front, it was simple but perfect, just like Iruka.

Sasuke’s Point Of View

You finished up in the shower and dried yourself off, you loved how relaxed you felt, you pulled your pyjamas and laid our books out over your bed, you had business homework to attend to, you hated business greatly but you knew it was going to benefit you in the long run.
You flicked through the large text books before falling onto the chapter you were up to, you skimmed through the material provided you never actually read the chapter, you didn’t have to half of this stuff was common sense. You began to respond to the task that was provided for you, as you began to write out the question there was a knock on your door
‘go away’ you spoke sternly but the intruder didn’t listen instead the door was pushed open, and there in front of you stood a very glammed up Itachi and a very pretty looking Deidara.
‘sasuke-kunnnnnnnnn, we are going out, we will be back later, there is money on the bench for dinner, be a doll and if daddy dearest calls please tell him to fuck off for me’ you rolled your eyes before answering your older and stranger brother
‘sure’ you replied before staring down at the textbook in front of you indicating for the older men to disperse from your room, however this failed greatly as the two of the started sifting through your makeup laid out on your draws
‘ooh this is killer Deidei put it on’ you saw Itachi hand Deidara the lip balm you use everyday, you jumped up and swiped it from the older blonde
‘would you two just go, you’re going to be late for your drag fest or whatever it is the two of you are doing’
‘ohh Tachi, Sasuke should come he can be our designated driver’ Deidara spoke lightly pushing your older brother to grab his attention.
‘No NO NO NO!’ you screamed pushing the older boys out the front door, catch a cab home don’t drive okay ? be safe’ you yelled as the two older boys as they continued to walk down the driveway and down the street.

Naruto’s point of view
Kakashi’s car came to a stop outside the home that you shared with Iruka, you were so excited, Kakashi was going to do it he was going to ask Iruka tonight.
You ran inside Kakashi followed close behind, you ran into the lounge room and plopped yourself down on the sofa next to Iruka, you smiled at the tanned an who looked at you puzzled.
‘did you have detention again?’ asked Iruka softly
‘No!” you screamed ‘as if! Ive been good’ you explained a lot louder than you had intended
‘where’s Kakshi?’ Iruka questioned raising and eyebrow
‘uhhh, his in the toilet, poor guy was busting’ you said sheepishly, little did Iruka know, Kakashi had headed straight for the bedroom he was getting ready to take Iruka out for dinner.
‘Naruto’ Iruka slapped your knee lightly at how forward you had been, but you just grinned and starred back at the tv.
You looked up as Kakshi emerged from the master bedroom its doorway leading directly to the lounge room where you and Iruka were both sitting, Kakashi was wearing a full suite, and a smile broke out onto Iruka’s face.
‘what’s this’ Iruka spoke, a large smile breaking out across your guardians face.
Kakashi approached Iruka, and held his hands
‘Iruka Umino, i love you, and i love Naruto. I love the family you booth have given to me, the security and the love, and that’s why i’m asking you, will you marry me’
You watched as Iruka burst into tears and held on to Kakashi tight, you couldn’t make out what Iruka was saying but you were pretty sure it was a yes, Kakashi motioned for you to join the hug, you wrapped your arms tightly around your two guardians.
You watched as the two men pulled away from each other, a beautiful smile broke across both their faces as Iruka took a good look at the ring.
‘oh, its perfect its beautiful, you know me so well’ Iruka said these words looking into Kakashi’s eyes, Kakashi smiled sheepishly before admitting it was actually you who chose the ring
Iruka knelt down and cuddled you close, before whispering into your ear ‘thank-you naruto’.

Sasuke’s point of View
You laid down on your bed, and decided to do something you hadn’t done in a very long time, you picked up your phone and sent a text message to Naruto, nothing to complex just a simple message that said ‘hey’.
Your heart was racing as you clicked the sent button, you hoped it wasn’t out of line contacting Naruto, you didn’t think it would be tho, you guys were friends and that’s what friends did on weekends right? Messaged each other.
You placed the phone down next to you, and tangled yourself in your sheets before grabbing the remote and flicking through the channels that you’re ridiculously large television provided you. You were anxious about the text message you had just sent to Naruto, and you were in desperate need to calm your nerves, but you had already had a shower, there was only one other option left.
You slip your pale hand beneath your boxers and touched yourself softly, you felt your body tense up at your own touch as you close your eyes and let the feeling take over you, you stroked yourself at a gentle pace letting the ecstasy take over you, you started to imagine what it would be like if Naruto’s gentle touch replaced your own, this thought was however interrupted at your phone began buzzing beside you.
Your body jolted as you picked the phone up annoyed, which was until you recognised the name, Naruto had replied to your text message, you laid there limp before fixing yourself and replying quickly to message at hand.
Naruto’s message informed you that Kakashi had finally taken the plunge and asked Iruka to marry him, you smiled as Naruto told you all the details of the romantic event, this thought warmed your heart greatly , You were happy for Naruto, his family was finally complete, it seemed everything was finally falling in place for him.

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